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I´ve always wanted to be a Conference Interpreter

I've always wanted to be an Interpreter!

Freelance Conference Interpreter - my dream job, languages have been fascinating me from childhood on. 

When I was little I always played with my big yellow and blue parrot and made him tell me stories all the time.

In my favorite book, „BlueJay“ was the proud interpreter for his Native American father in the wild wild west - how I would have wanted to be in his place!

While going to school in Hamburg I studied English, Latin, French and Swedish and kept trying to learn more about foreign languages all the time.

For my practical work experience in 10th grade I applied for a position in the reservations office of an American airline. I had so much fun on that job and found myself wanting to be an interpreter more and more.

I studied Interpreting and Translation Studies at the University of Heidelberg and graduated with a diploma in English and Spanish (and Economics as well).

Just before graduating I began a two-year stint on the permanent payroll of Heidelberg University`s IWH (International Academic Forum), a center for scholarly exchange. I was the Academic Director's assistant and responsible for the conference office and also for organizing and supporting scientific conferences and meetings.

I got first-hand experience of the workload involved in organizing successful events, and having seen the working environment of interpreters from another perspective is still helping me to this day. I fully understand the nervousness of congress organizers and like to arrive on site way ahead of time.

Born and raised in Hamburg – gateway to the world – I love traveling to other countries and continents, discovering new worlds and becoming familiar with new ways of thinking and acting.

This is also how I approach my job. I find new territories and environments and challenges highly appealing and I am used to familiarizing myself with new contexts very quickly and easily.

Should you need an interpreter for an international assignment – why not contact me about it?

To this very day, after more than 10 years on the job and more than 1000 conference days, being a freelance conference interpreter is exactly what I want to do, and I´m still enthusiastic and passionate about it – not just when working at the World Bird Congress or visiting my parrots while on an interpreting assignment in Costa Rica.

Imy Fugger Übersetzer Heidelberg

Short Profile - Imy Fugger

Member of VKD (German Association of Conference Interpreters), since 2013 also a mentor for junior colleagues

Übersetzungen Deutsch Englisch Heidelberg


Übersetzungen Deutsch Englisch Heidelberg


I´ve always wanted to be a conference interpreter and still love my job after more than 10 years and 1000 conference days 

Specializations: technology - and more, finance - and more, medicine - and more, and so much more - more

Looking for: great cooperation!

Imy Fugger

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