Interpreting Services / Translations

I´ve always wanted to be a conference interpreter and still love my job after more than 10 years and 1000 conference days

Maybe also at your conference some time soon?

You are looking for an interpreter with prior experience in a wide range of subjects?

I have been translating at meetings and congresses in a large variety of settings and am always looking for new challenges.

I'd love to hear from you!


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Interpreting German-English//English-German

I´m a conference interpreter with a University diploma degree and usually do simultaneous translation using an interpreter´s booth or with/out mobile translation equipment, depending on the context. Currently I offer translation from English to German and German to English.

I also studied Swedish and Spanish (with a diploma degree) but at the moment I do not actively offer these languages.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Preferrably I do simultaneous translation in a team of two interpreters. Should you need any translation equipment or an interpreter´s booth I am happy to help put you in touch with providers.

I have an extended network of experienced team members and colleagues who are working with the same languages as I do or even offer other language combinations.

I would certainly be happy to put together a simultaneous interpreters´team just for your event, upon request also including the conference equipment you need.

Conference Interpreting

In addtion to consecutive interpreting I also offer chuchotage and will also work during negotiations or accompany you on your tour. 

I interpret at events of any kind - at international conferences and congresses, symposiums, press conferences and supervisory board meetings, trade shows and fairs, workshops or seminars, even in the media and at anniversary celebrations, etc.

I have worked on special occasions of all different types, with only 2 to almost 12000 participants, and have also been invited to join my clients at many exciting events all over the world.

Client satisfaction is extremely important to me and I take my job very seriously with a lot of enthusiasm as I am aware of the great responsibility involved in interpreting.

I enjoy establishing and keeping a personal rapport with my customers and it is always inspiring for me to see a new assignment turn into a long-lasting business relationship.



Communication is what really matters

I will keep your documents and conference discussions strictly confidential.

I also keep developing my skills in other languages. I´m now at „advanced (advanced)“ levels in Mongolian after having attended several intensive summer courses in Ulaanbaatar.

I am a certified court interpreter for Baden-Württemberg and a member of the German Association of Conference Interpreters (VKD) in the Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators (BDÜ).

Since 2013 I have also been a mentor within the NWP junior interpreters` coaching program and help new colleagues get started in the job.

sounds interesting?

please send me a note – I´d love to hear from you!